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Review - international activities and e-commerce significantly in the last decade of the twentieth century and early twenty-century St has increased. Businesses, governments, international economics and trade organizations growing importance of standardization of protocols used in the electronic exchange of data have found. If such protocols are contradictory, or within and between industries and international borders may contradict international trade can flow to decline. Thus, in the decades 1980 and 1990 an international language-lingua franca-for business computers by specifying a composition for EDI messages and a set of general types of EDI messages were found. [A] board to ease the process of economic UN United Nations rules for electronic data exchange for the establishment of administrative, commercial and transport developed for Europe. Aalktrvnyky data exchange systems to guide and standardize a method followed for electronic transactions and business documents structured according to EDI and composition design rules provide. [2] Considering the increasing importance and necessity of EDIFACT standards keep pace with these systems between Iran International, making culture and education needed in order to understand the importance of electronic commerce standards among users is necessary. The same motivation that a paper prepared in this way wish.
Introduction - the need for international law to exchange trade data from the early 1960's was felt. Some of the EDIFACT standard bases are as follows:
EDIFACT standardization of practice includes the development and application of international rules obviously independent system for intermediate language is used in EDI. The laws of a common language, lingua franca, for business computers are defined. [3] This universal laws, the combination of EDI messages and a set of general types of EDI messages designed for use in national and industrial organizations or companies for use in the further development of certain types of messages for both national and international trade are clear.
In the contemporary world by international, products and business practices, communication techniques and business rules that are strongly Tghyyrnd, creating a development agreement on the international lingua franca for business computers, but something very important difficult. As soon as an international agreement on the activation of communication between thousands of people around the world will not be achieved before the new request is created. Therefore EDIFACT standardization is a continuous process, including development, changes and omissions in writing is old. [1]
Because this paper using EDI standards and a general definition describes the EDIFACT. The vision of the future presents.
- Why EDI standards are used?
Standards, EDI, electronic data exchange with the combination of rules providing defined organizations of data, edit and publish rules and conventions of public documents easy.
EDIFACT EDI stands for the establishment of administrative, commercial and transportation of the International Standardization through UN / ECE will be coordinated. This standard provides the following:
• an international EDI standard
• a set of combination rules
• data elements, segments and codes
• Messaging
As is shown in Figure 1, EDIFACT product development of specific standards the U.S. and Europe together to a single international EDI standard [4]
Figure 1. Structure development standards EDIFACT standard unit

EDIFACT standard for EDI known to exchange a wide range of commercial and noncommercial is. In certain applications that store and send 'batch' communications of every kind of messages are exchanged. EDIFACT with a basic compound which is an ISO standard, begins. In this combination, some directory of data elements, composite data elements, segments and messages are present. In addition, contracts for the placement of messages in an 'e' there transmitters, receivers and other characteristics will determine a transition [5].

Conclusion - EDIFACT standardization evaluation shows that the international EDI message standardization is a complex country that is clearly in progress in commercial operations are visible. The national coordination and standardization with the International Standardization part is problematic. A major objective in identifying types of EDIFACT standardization Pbam international public that can act as a basis for further development of certain types of messages are used throughout the world. Therefore we will try to explain in future articles of these cases, pay.

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